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How To Find The Most Suitable Vehicle For You

How To Find The Most Suitable Vehicle For You

With new models added every day, the number of brands and models in the market is quite high. The passion for many of us is imaginary cars. If you are going to buy a car for the first time, there are a few things you should know. The most important of these are fuel consumption, don’ts and legal process. Let’s have a look…

Lots of Options: Diesel, Gasoline, Electric, Hybrid

Diesel and gasoline options have been used for a long time, so they are preferred very often. The first thing you should pay attention to here is how much you will use the tool. If you need a car a few days a week or live where there is no traffic, petrol cars become more ideal options. If you are going to drive more than 4 days a week and live in a city like Istanbul where the traffic is not over, diesel models are the inevitable destination. You can have more detailed information by reading our article on the differences between diesel and gasoline vehicles. Of course, besides these two options, there are also hybrid and electric cars.

Hybrid cars are tested on vehicles with both an internal combustion engine operating on fossil fuels such as gasoline and an electric engine. Electric cars, on the other hand, only run on electrical energy. Hybrid and electric cars are only just getting widespread. For this reason, it is very difficult to benefit from the experiences of the users around you. Hybrid cars are mostly preferred because they are brought by official distributors or directly by brands and authorized technical service is provided. It is quite difficult to say this yet for electric cars, especially for the Tesla brand. For detailed information, you can check out our article on the differences between electric and hybrid cars.

Manual or Automatic Gear?

It is seen that there is a significant difference in fuel consumption between automatic transmission cars produced in the early 2000s and cars with manual gear. However, thanks to developing technology, there are very small differences between automatic transmission vehicles and manual transmission vehicles in terms of fuel economy. Even automatic transmission versions of some models consume less fuel. For those who will drive regularly for the first time, dealing with both traffic and an extra pedal of the manual gear and dealing with gear shifting can be problematic. In terms of ease of use, automatic transmission cars are very comfortable. For this reason, the automatic transmission is recommended for the first vehicle.

Hatchback or Sedan?

Brands use expressions such as “4-door” or “5-door” in their vehicle lists. Sedans are body types where the luggage and cabin are separate. The hatchback is used for models where you can access the trunk directly from the cabin. So hatchbacks have 5 doors. 4-door name is preferred instead of a sedan. Hatchback vehicles can be parked very easily with their small size options.

Photo by Negative Space from Pexels

Price Does Not Start From There

Automobile brands usually offer “prices starting from …”. You, too, think “how cheap it is” and head straight to the dealer, but when you go, you are faced with the fact that the vehicle you want is not at those prices. If you want an automatic and diesel vehicle, it doesn’t start at that price, you can be sure. Generally, the term “starting prices” is used for both the lowest equipment level and petrol and manual gear options. So there is a real gap between the price of the car you want and the prices you see in advertisements.

Second Hand or Zero?

Generally, second-hand and truly scrapped models are recommended as the first automobile recommendation. But this is really illogical. Regardless of the first or the last car, you need to buy a car at most 10 years old. If you can afford it and say you will drive for many years, buying a zero kilometre car is also a very good choice. In addition, the first sellers of vehicles can find buyers more easily.

new car sales
Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay

Attention to Taxes!

You need to pay attention to the pricing of your car. There are many items in the sales price of the car. The tax rate applied by each country is different. If you use your computer and mobile phone carelessly and think the same situation can happen in the car, it may make second-hand sense. But if you believe you will take good care of your car, you can buy a new car. Thus, you can make the sale more profitable in the future.

Maintenance for Zero Vehicles

Another point you should pay attention to if you are going to buy new cars is maintenance. You may not know, but cars need maintenance almost every year. In order to maintain the warranty of your vehicle and to avoid any problems, you should not disrupt the maintenance. As such, it will be much more logical to look at the maintenance prices beforehand. You can buy ones with a long maintenance period like 5 years and benefit from discounts of up to 10%.

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