Recycle Textile Material

Recycle Of Textile Material

Recycle Of Textile Material

Textile is a flexible material consisting of a web made of natural or man-made fibers.

Wool, linen, cotton, hemp or other materials are used to produce long threads. Yarn is produced by processing these raw fibers. For weaving it, the yarn is shaped by felting or knitting.

Almost all textiles can be recycled, even if most people do not recycle it. Textile waste materials make up 5% of global waste. Do you know what happens when they are thrown away? A cover is created for all organic materials in the garbage. Oxygen disappears and anaerobic digestion begins. This causes greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycle Textile Material
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In fact, it is easy to bring this to nature but it is very difficult to get lost in nature. For example, leather disappears in nature after 50 years. Therefore, it is important to recycle them for our nature and economy.

Some materials can be reshaped. For example, it becomes filling material for chairs and car seats. Or it can be made into cleaning cloths and industrial blankets.

It is resistant to shorter fiber length fiber fabrics. But the quality is poor. This kind of recycling cannot be used for clothing. It is used in construction for thermal insulation or making carpets.

To recycle textiles, you must combine the same colors and the same fabric types. Remember, textile material must be dry and clean for recycling. After combining the textile material, you should give the textile material to the recycling factories.

Recycling helps reduce the carbon footprint.
We have to recycle more

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