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Removing the seeds are no longer a problem!

Removing the seeds are no longer a problem!

Delicious dishes like guacamole or cherry pie are quite troublesome. Because it is necessary to extract lots of seeds.

You can remove the beans with a sharp knife. But if you have an irresistible desire for kitchen tools, you can find a separate product for each job.

kikuichi blade knife
Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

1) Kikuichi

They started as a samurai sword maker in Japan in the 13th century. 8 cm long paring knife dating from 1868. The birch handle balances the weight of stainless steel.

2- Jalapeno

Stainless steel product is a serrated spiral blade. You stick the knife in and turn it around so you can clean the bitter seeds of the pepper.

3- Avocado

Many people injure their hands while cutting avocados. The plastic blade of the tool  only cuts fruit. Three steel blades grab and remove the core easily.

pomegranate deseeder tool

4) Pomegranate

Just put the pomegranate cut in half on a special circular strainer and then hit the back with the back of the spoon. The delicious grains in the shell are poured into the bowl below.

cherry pitter

5) Cherry

This tool’s scissor mechanism is a great solution for small pome fruits such as cherries and cherries. All you have to do is place and squeeze it in the space. A thin rod made of zinc alloy removes the core, leaving only the part of the fruit to be eaten.

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