Special Gift Boxes Are New Trend For All Of Us!

Special Gift Boxes Are New Trend For All Of Us!

                You want to present something to your loved ones on special occasions or when it comes from within. But what if only a gift is too ordinary for you? At that time, gift boxes can be preferred.
Here is a new trend for you; “Special Gift boxes”

                 We talked with Mevsim Yurdal, one of the founders of Holibox (instagram @holibox) , about the project they created. Thank you for a pleasant conversation and wish them success.

allthego.net Editor : What is Holibox? How did this idea come about?
Mevsim Yurdal : Holibox adopts the phrase “original and respectful to the earth”. We prepare unusual products in gift boxes where people can make their loved ones happy. We use mostly handmade products and pack them with care. It was something we had in our minds for a long time. In fact, we can say that it was born from our own preferences. We are doing this project as 2 women producers. We have always preferred alternative products while buying gifts for our loved ones for years. we were enjoying it as much as possible and thought why not to do it for everyone. So based on this idea, we came up with a concept.

allthego.net Editor : Where did the Holibox get its name?
Mevsim Yurdal : Holi means sacred in English. Box is, as you know, box. We do our work with great excitement and pleasure. The process and preparation of products requires both time and effort. This makes it sacred.

allthego.net Editor : What is the purpose of the Holibox?
Mevsim Yurdal : As I mentioned before, we entered this business as 2 women producers. And as our products became clear, we became a huge family. We currently have 6 manufacturers. Each of them experience the same excitement and pleasure while producing their own products. Of course, one of our goals is to earn money but beyond that, unity and incredible energy have formed. It is great to share these beautiful feelings we have with everyone. Growing this circle is our main goal.


allthego.net Editor : How do you define the box concepts? What do you pay attention while determining the contents?
Mevsim Yurdal : When determining the box concepts, we first consider special occasions. But not only that, but also we prepare the contents in different concepts. For example; praise to madness, the right to laziness, etc.
When determining the products in the box, we use handmade products that are compatible with nature as much as possible. In this way, we also support small producers.

allthego.net Editor : Are there any products in the box that you say “we never put”?
Mevsim Yurdal : I mean, I don’t know if it’s okay to say never, but we think, for example, “lighters would not be suitable” Someone you gifted a lighter is smoking probably. You will support this harmful action with the gift you give him. Maybe we are a little emotional and even romantic when determining products. Thus, we do not take a role in gifting a product that doesn’t bother us.

allthego.net Editor : Would you say anything else to our followers?
Mevsim Yurdal : Don’t afraid to show your love to your family, friends and your loved ones. Giving gifts makes both sides happy. Whether you pick a flower from the garden or buy something, it is worth everything to see the smile on the faces.


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