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Glasses and wireless headset combined: Huawei Eyewear II

Glasses and wireless headset combined: Huawei Eyewear II

Although smart glasses do not gain as much popularity as expected, giant companies continue to invest in the development of this technology.

The current models launched by China-based technology manufacturer Huawei did not see enough attention. Surprisingly, at the smartphone event, we met the company’s first smart glasses. Huawei even introduced its first ones, in collaboration with Gentle Monster. This time, we are here with its new favourite Eyewear 2.

Source: Huawei

What are the features of Huawei Eyewear II?

Eyewear II, offering long-lasting durability with its titanium alloy hinge structure; The metal optics series will be launched in four series; the classic optical, the sunglasses and the SMART design.

It has an elastic structure to offer more comfort. It is offered for sale with 13 different models to appeal to different tastes and needs. It has an interactive system with multi-sensor and also offers 3D Touch support.

The new product looks very stylish and when viewed from the outside, it is no different from a normal pair of them. Thanks to the built-in speakers, the wearer can enjoy a stereo sound experience. Double-speaker with 128 mm2 ultra-thin wide diaphragm offers high sound quality thanks to its stereo sound support. It reduces the sound reflected outside up to 12db, thus preventing the interviews from being listened to.

Also, it is able to interact with the voice assistant, also have touch control features. You can adjust the volume by sliding your finger, answer calls with a double-tap, and you can also stop/resume the music playing and activate the voice assistant.

At the same time, with the USB-C support, they are wirelessly charged in the box and offer 5 hours of use on one charge. Smart glasses that do not have a touch screen still seem to take the company one step forward in wearable technology.

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