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Amazing Tourism Center: Cappadocia

Amazing Tourism Center: Cappadocia

Turkey’s most important tourism centres of the Cappadocia Times, “the new 25 Wonders of the World” will take place on the 5th Values List. 

Nowhere else can you see the fairy chimneys as intensely as in Cappadocia. The city is also on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

There is a completely different place that combines art, culture, sports, entertainment and romance with its nature, history, and legends. It is so mystical that it is unique geography where you can discover yourself among many things. Frankly, words are not enough to describe this extraordinary place. If you still haven’t gone, you have to go see it with your own eyes.
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Image by macit888 from Pixabay

How did it come about?

The ashy and soft layer of the volcanic land that formed about 60 million years ago has been eroded by wind and rainwater for millions of years. Thus, these unique natural wonders emerged. Although natural conditions form the basis of the region, the lives lived in the fairy chimneys carved by human hands attract a lot of attention. There are many churches carved into rocks in the region and built-in underground cities.

cappadocia kizilcukur sunset
Image by Yunus GÜREL from Pixabay

Kızılçukur valley is a must-see for a magnificent sunset

In the Kızılçukur valley, located in Ortahisar town of Nevşehir’s Ürgüp district, postcard images emerge with the sunset. Local and foreign tourists who come to the region to watch the sunset immortalize the images that appear with the sunset in the valley of Kızılçukur by taking lots of pictures.

The experiences that will make you enjoy this place are; Horse safaris, balloon tours against the rising sun over fairy chimneys …

You have many accommodation alternatives in Cappadocia, which is always the favourite of tourism with its nature, history and legends. You can choose one according to the season you will go, the comfort you want or your budget, and you can stay at the closest places to your travel route.

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