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Effects of Social Distance

Effects of Social Distance

The first time we meet someone, our first action is a handshake .. When we miss, we give a big hug each other. Shoulders are combined in the all family photos. When you succeed, we say “give me a five” with an open hand. Touching the cheeks is a sign of love. These have been part of our society for a very long time and are important. It is a way of intense emotion transfer without the need for words.

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During the coronavirus pandemic, we had to live without many of these physical signals. Of course, this has an effect on us.

Shaking hands is dangerous now… However, in ancient times, it was a sign of friendship, an indication that there was no danger. Many countries have been affected by the coronavirus and social distance is one of the remedies to stop the virus. With the “new normal” many things in our lives will change. For example, there will be less physical contact now.

It worries us to think that you can no longer express your feelings the same way. At the beginning of the epidemic, it was thought that people would never shake hands again. We couldn’t imagine a world where we didn’t physically greet people. We do not feel safe when there is no contact. And we must learn how to deal with our emotions. How do we calm down if there is no one to hug when we are sad?

corona covid social distance
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Anyone in quarantine alone was away from physical contact with another person for a long time. When we get out of this epidemic, people will need to express their emotions physically. Let’s hope the world is still willing to do this.

If you are lucky enough to be quarantined with someone you love, hug each other. Feel the opportunity that many people don’t have and express your feelings in any way possible.

It is difficult to imagine if the world will really return to normal. When a vaccine for the coronavirus is found, societies that have become accustomed to living this far will surely return to their old ways. Until then, keep your distance and find new ways to show your emotions.

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