What Is Dyslexia Dyslexia: It is a special learning disorder that causes a person to have problems in reading, writing and language skills despite being at a normal or high intelligence level. Dyslexia, which is generally observed as a reading disorder, also affects attention and memory. In this article, weRead More →

Micro-sprouts, small, plants

Small edible plants: Micro-sprouts Micro-sprouts, which are rapidly spreading around the world, are in everyone’s favourite. Greenhouses, city dwellers, housewives, restaurant owners, producers of vegetable and fruit saplings are interested in micro-sprouts. Recently, it has been started to use in all world and local cuisines. The use of micro-sprouts, whichRead More →


Water And Life Drinking coffee is an indispensable habit in all societies. Tea is also at the top of the list of hot drinks consumed daily. Caffeine in tea and coffee causes water excretion from the body. Lost of it must be reclaimed. Minerals and chemical compounds contain liquid. ReactionsRead More →

hemsball sport new

A new sport: Hemsball Hemsball is an enjoyable and entertaining sport for all ages. A new sport that can be applied in indoor and outdoor areas. It is a combination of the letters H (Hand), E (Energy), M (Move), S (Stability) and the word BALL. How to play? The playerRead More →

sleeping healthy physiological life

Sleeping is important We spend one third of our lives sleeping. Although it may seem like a simple process, it is a must for a healthy life. Why is sleep important? Sleep is actually not a passive period as it seems. Because some vital physiological repairs required for a personRead More →

Aikido, dojo, aikido dojo, martial art

Aikido İs A Dance Close your eyes for a moment … Listen to the sound of the rhythm coming out of the feet of tens of people moving in a certain cycle … Feel the energy transformation and interactions between each other. Do you feel that they are in contactRead More →