What Is Fintech? Technological Innovations in Financial Services are Called as “Financial Technology”. Mobile Payment Receiving and Money Transfer Systems Main Field of Activity of FinTech Companies. So what does this word that we’ve been hearing a lot lately mean? We searched for you .. FinTech Today Today, there areRead More →


Let’s pretend like Agent MacGyver! Movies about secret agents are shown on all platforms. But of them only “MacGyver” found a place in the Oxford English Dictionary. The name of the hero has become a verb thanks to his passion for creating improvised solutions using only the materials he has.Read More →

radio telescope seti hope

DOES THE SETI CONTINUE TO BE HOPE? SETI, Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence; It is a project that has been going on since the 70s to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligent beings. It was delayed from time to time due to financial insufficiencies and still continues today. In this article, we will examine the possibilitiesRead More →

virtual online shopping

Virtual Markets With developing technology, people can now easily access everything. Thanks to smartphones, the pleasure of connecting to the internet whenever you want, wherever you want is offered to you, and our life has become easier thanks to various applications. Among the applications that make our lives easier, theRead More →