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The Melodies Transfer The Energy of The Music

We were able to speak with Elektronic Music Producer Emre Tavkaya about his journey from his childhood to now… He is still through majoring in recordings, some new covers and producing tracks in İzmir, Turkey.  We thank him for pleasant conversation and wish success. Editor : How did you begin music?
Emre Tavkaya : I believe in the music is firstly generated in our minds, than you create a sound with different ways such as your mouth, your hand even your body then you find your own external instrument. I grew up in a multicultural country Turkey and i am always familiar with the folk sounds; arabics, oriental, asian penthatics, blues, caucasian, balkan and so on, they all have powerful rhytmic sounds and get your ears and mind ready to fit the tempo of various musics. Secondly, the biggest factor is my father, He got me an organ (kind of keyboard full of different enstrumant sounds) when i am ten years old then i tried to simulate the sounds that i had hear so far and story began. Editor : You still use a keyboard right? And compose realistic sounds by help of that instrument? How did happen your evolution?
I was always interested in music, i do not remember be going out without taken my earphones .. I like all genres, even i do not understand the meanings of words sometimes the melodies transfer the energy of the music and you find yourself while shaking and dancing, it is magical and no other similar example can be given. In a period on my 20ths, i found myself listening higher bpm electronic musics from Daft Punk, Eiffel65, Bomfunk MC…, it was unfamiliar for me since i could not imagine how such electronical sounds could be created, when i looked for the instruments they use and i found “synthesizer”. It was the way of creating sound by using electrical signals, i was an engineering student at that moment and mostly using analog and digital electrical signals but not creating sounds, to make the machines move, of course creating music idea with the signals was better .. I decided to have a synthesizer and figure out how electrical music is generated. All was started up by learning studio softwares called as DAW (digital audio workstation), i found simulation of famous sythesizer producers and began to understand how an analog signal can be processed in digital environment to create sounds. Now i have using both DAW and a hardware of Roland Synthesizer (juno DS88) to feel the notes. Creating a music has never been such easy until now, since the softwares can support a graphical interface to understand music, you could see the layes of sounds that you hear which is absolutely useful to keep your motivation high to create more and exciting sounds. You could create rhytms by sequencers, basses, strings, acoustics, leads, percussions and so on… in just a few seconds and everything is under your hands…I guess everyone will have their own home studio in ten years and music will be more impressive and universal than ever. Editor : What is next? What is you future plans?
I will always be producing music that is clear .. Me and some of my friends wants to make common use studio and the place will be ready to invite our friends to listen our music. The imaginary part is almost done and we found a place to create music, that will be an open air area and everyone could come and join us with their own instruments with some beer absolutely ..

Please keep in touch with me to witness my evolution:  Youtube:

Lo-Fi Natural HipHop With Roland DS88 + Bandlab (Live Looping)

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