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Why camping became more popular?

Why camping became more popular?

The pandemic process gave us the feeling of forced locking a lot. We missed being with our loved ones, being able to move freely. We once again understood the importance and benefits of being in nature and outside. As the bans disappear, everyone tries to stay away from the crowded places with high risk. Demand is growing for gardens, open spaces, national parks and coastal areas. Everyone is trying to stay away from closed areas.

The tourism industry expects an increase in active open spaces close to home. The number of people who make short vacation plans in the immediate vicinity until September is quite a lot. Some initiatives support the increased desire for domestic travel.  We are concluding that short trips will be better when most of us listen to news channels.

Camping and Health

Camping is a choise for having a holiday. Camping areas are one of the open areas where you can go as a family. Returning to nature, which supports a more active lifestyle, also has health benefits. Spending time outside facilitates your blood pressure and digestion and strengthens your immune system. Spending time in the green area means we’re getting more oxygen. So this leads to the release of the feel-good hormone “serotonin”. You can really reset your body clock.

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Image by maria lorenz from Pixabay

Camping and Quality Time

Camping allows family members to spend valuable time together. According to research from the University of Plymouth, children going to camp are still successful, healthier and happier at school. The children participating in the research were asked what they liked about the camp. The most common themes were;

– meet new friends
– have fun
– playing outside

In the new age structure, parents often work long hours. For such families, the chance to be together on vacation is very valuable.

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Being together is enjoyable if something is shared. Being in the fresh air, away from TV and computers, forces you to share new things. The difficult conditions of the camp require doing business together. Conducting ideas about the problem faced enriches analytical thinking. In this way, family members who develop new camping skills will have an enjoyable holiday.

A camp holiday restores the balance between all members of the family. It can give time to reconnect and restore balance. Holidays also help increase people’s confidence and self-esteem. It is an opportunity for them to try new skills, sports or activities.

The camp gives your whole family a chance to relax and unwind. It may be enough to cook together, light a campfire, sing songs, swim in the rivers, watch stars – or just be close to nature.

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