Mercedes EQC

Electric Intelligence by Mercedes

Electric Intelligence by Mercedes

The Mercedes EQC, which we have been waiting for for a long time, is finally ready for mass production. We see that the officially introduced car has adapted to the transition period for a new era.

The Generation EQ SUV car, which Mercedes-Benz has positioned as a rival to Tesla, was introduced at the 2020 Paris Motor Show as a concept car. This concept car was the precursor of what will come after it.

We have researched the Mercedes EQC for you, which largely accommodates the lines in the concept car and meets the expectations with technical values.

mercedes eqc security
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EQ; It is launched by the company as Smart Electromobility. It seems that a new technology brand has been created without sacrificing quality, comfort and safety. The focus of attention with automobile design that offers an electromobile ecosystem …

Driving pleasure and daily use comfort are prioritized. By keeping the safety at the maximum, Euro NCAP deserved 5 stars. In fact, not all electric vehicles carry petrol, which inherently makes them safer. Instead, they work with Lithium-ion batteries that pose their own risks. However, Mercedes-Benz EQ vehicles are designed to reduce this risk with certain parts that keep the battery cool and disable it in the event of an accident.

mercedes eqc
Image by SleepyCats from Pixabay

Charging Time And Range

The most curious about mass production news; was the charge time and range value. At the launch, a range of 450 kilometers (according to NEDC standards) was announced. The range is good enough to drive smoothly not only in the city but also on long journeys. The use of controlled engines ensures that only the front electric motor is activated when high power is not needed. Thus, it has a great effect on active use of the range.

In mass production, the battery volume has been increased to 80 kWh and thanks to the fast charging technology, it reaches 80% full in about 45 minutes. You can charge your vehicle when you slow down by taking your foot off the gas pedal or by braking. The electric motor functions as an alternator and generates braking torque. The recovered electrical energy (recuperation) is transferred to the battery and contributes to charging. 4 different recovery modes are launched as follows;

D +: Creep mode, no recovery

D: Average recovery

D -: High recovery

D––: Highest recovery

mercedes eqc design
Image by SleepyCats from Pixabay

Torque And Power

Of course, the most important elements of performance are power and torque values. All-wheel drive car; It has 407 PS (402 horsepower) and 765 Nm of torque. Acceleration time from 0 to 100; 5,1sec.

At the point of maximum acceleration, we will be able to see this model while sailing at 180 km / h.


The brand did not touch the popular points in concept design, as BMW has recently done. Designed with a black grille, the front section, LED lights and fiber optic parts provide a very stylish appearance. According to the statement of Mercedes, it is claimed that it will make an experience difference in night driving.

As in the GLE series, the EQC, which has rounded lines, can be changed such as carbon fiber parts and a sporty body. It also offers rim options ranging from 19-21 inches. It can be customized with different equipment packages, especially AMG.

When it comes to interior design, Mercedes is quite assertive in terms of material quality and hardware parts. Two digital displays under driver control are integrated into the console with a size of 10.25 inches.

Comfort, Economy, Maximum range, Sport and Personal Driving modes are presented. A special color called “rose gold” is used in the air conditioner outlets.

The luggage compartment volume of 500 liters has a load-pull capacity of 1,800 kilograms.

Production of the model is carried out in facilities in Germany and China.

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