nahanni national park

Nahanni National Park

The South Nahanni River, flowing in the valleys of Mount Mackenzie, has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as Nahanni National Park with its untouched nature and protected wildlife (1978). Located in the northwest of Canada, this national park has an area of ​​30,000 square kilometers.

The Nahanni River flows through the canyons in the park and down the waterfall there. This 90-meter-high waterfall has a very beautiful view with the high mountains around it and the spruce forests. The dense woodland is home to untouched wildlife such as some of the deepest canyons in the country, mountain ranges, mountain tundras, waterfalls, sulphurous lakes, limestone caves and hot springs.

Since this region is located between the polar tundra and cold northern forests, it has a very rich natural life. According to the latest records, there are 42 mammals, 180 birds, 16 fish and several amphibian species in the place. It is also home to rare mammals such as wolves, brown bears and caribou and a rare orchid species.

Canyons and the River

South Nahanni is an early river. Historical formation continuing with the gradual rise of the mountains and the power of the river; formed a meandering river and deep canyons. Most visitors only visit the lower parts of Virginia Falls (Nailicho).

One of the most important reasons to visit Nahanni National Park; river kayaking or rafting. You can join the organized tours for several days. You can come here from Fort Simpson by seaplane, as there is no direct route to the location, which attracts professional rowers.

Rabbitkettle Spas

Volcanic activity that raises mountains is still warming water below the Earth’s surface. This hot water dissolves calcium carbonate from limestone deposits and settles to form porous calcite edges around water pools. It is thought to be about 10,000 years old. The area is protected as a Special Reserve and all visitors are accompanied by Parks Canada staff to minimize damage. and those who visit the North Mound must be barefoot.

Virginia Falls

A waterfall that is more than twice the height of Niagara Falls is present in this area. The vast landscape of waterfalls attracts photographers and hikers to this area. Daily expeditions to the top of the Sunblood Mountain for performance walks are among the activities of the place. You can also enjoy exploring the large area overlooking the shore of the waterfall.

At the center of the waterfall is a dramatic resistive rock tower named Mason Rock after famous Canadian kayaker, writer and filmmaker Bill Mason.

The waterfall is home to several rare orchid species in its vicinity.

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Nahanni National Park

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