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Architecture is a way to designing the space.”

Without further ado, let’s go to our interview with Aydan Yeniay Çetinbay, owner of Aydan Yeniay Architecture & İnterior Design (instagram: @aydanyeniaymimarlk) We also uploaded some of the company’s designs for a more enjoyable reading. Thank you for this pleasant conversation. We wish you pleasant reading…

allthego.net Editor : Who is Aydan Yeniay Çetinbay, we would like to get to know you first. Can you talk about your education and your career so far?

I was born in 1987 in Denizli. In 2010, I graduated from Çukurova University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Architecture. After my work experience, I established my company with my own name in 2015 in Denizli. I have had the opportunity to work in various building groups since 2015. I have been serving my customers for five years in areas such as architectural application projects, decoration projects, concept designs, three-dimensional model service.

allthego.net Editor : Can you summarize your philosophy of architecture? What does architecture mean to you?

Architecture is a way to designing the space. I think being clear when designing this space is more important than all other elements. To show success in architecture; to create mixed projects or try to make plan solutions among interesting shapes don’t suit me. Simplicity and plainness are at the top of my philosophy.


allthego.net Editor : Can you tell us about your approach to projects, your design philosophy and your design process?

As our office, we adopt a user-oriented design process. In the first meeting with the customer, we try to learn information such as his tastes, lifestyle and habits. We act in line with the information we have collected. We are trying to design with questions such as how we can make the space more efficient for the user, and what extent we can benefit from the space. And in this process, we are in an interactive relationship with the customer. We share the three-dimensional drawings of the designs with the customer. We complete the revisions, if any. Then we start the construction part. At this stage, both construction site and workshop controls continue until the work is completed.

Another point, my designs are are timeless, I pay attention for that.

allthego.net Editor : What do you think are the sine qua non of a successful project?

The project should definitely appeal to its user and be ergonomic. The variety of materials we use, our plan solutions, and the atmosphere you create in the space will not matter. If the user does not respond to their needs, we cannot talk about success at that point. For these requirements, it must be ergonomic.


allthego.net Editor : Did the experienced pandemic conditions change your home decoration ideas? How did it happen?

Yes, there have certainly been changes in decoration ideas. For example, some of the people started to work at home, they created work spaces for themselves. Apart from that, we discovered the corners where we will be more comfortable in our home, our balconies that we will breathe more easily and we are more interested in their decoration. Spending more time at home offered new ideas along with new habits.

allthego.net Editor : So what are the trends of 2020 in this case?

In 2020, designs made with environmentally friendly materials stand out. Metals such as silver, gold, copper and iron are also intensively use in designs. In addition, we will continue to see the haze, bamboo and straw frequently. As for the color, we see the classic blue chosen by Pantone. Black gray tones used last year will be replaced by dark brown surfaces this year.


allthego.net Editor : What are your goals?

I am someone who wants good not only for myself but for everyone. My goal and wish is of course to do better things. It is among my goals to show that architecture is not just a simple furniture and paint, it is a more serious job, to show it to wider sections and to create awareness in this sense. In terms of decoration, I think it is important to create this awareness today, where every segment tries to do every job.

allthego.net Editor : Finally, do you have anything to say to allthego.net readers?

I think trends are always decisive in our lives. Although we talked about timelessness in design, the effect of trends is inevitable. Keep following the trends! I think it connects us to life

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