Interview With Curlyogi

Interview With Curlyogi

As Team, we have reached out to Curlyogi (Instagram: @cisel_curlyogi) for an interview and glad to sharing her answers with you! Check out Çisel’s Interview below. Thank you for the pleasant conversation.
For experiences: Editor :Tell us a little bit about yourself
I’m Çisel,
curlyogi with my other name. I’m 32 years old. I grew up in Mersin in Turkey, where it’s sunny and very hot climate most of the time. Maybe that’s why I developed such a strong passion for traveling, thus I’ve been living in İzmir since 2010.

I’m currently working as an architect in public sector. I’m also a yoga instructor for almost 1 year. Editor : How did you get started?
curlyogi : I was a practitioner (that I am still) in my friend’s studio. The idea of going to yoga retreat when I was mentally deadlocked attracted me last year. I thought I was not flexible enough to be a yoga instuctor. My goal was not to be a yoga instructor anyway, but to return to myself.

In my yoga instructor training process, I noticed the insignificance of being flexible or having any purpose.

curlyogi-yoga Editor : What is your style of yoga when you practice or teach?
curlyogi : I think there are as many different styles as the number of yoga instructors. There are basically one yoga path consisting of eight limbs. Asana, one of the limbs, has been modernized and diversified today. I practice and teach ashtanga or hatha yoga, and I also like to practice vinyasa flow. I really like with the rhythm of breathing and flowing through the asanas. Editor : Do you remember your first yoga class?
curlyogi : I completed my training programme in June 2019 and I’ve started to teach in september. I was so excited in my first yoga class that my trainer also attended.

yoga-fitness Editor : How yoga changed or make some difference to your life?
curlyogi : One of the most useful benefits I’ve gotten is that yoga helps to slow down my consciousness. My awareness about environment increased and I’ve learned to accept everything as it is. Since I practice meditation I feel more calm and have dived into the old philosophies of yoga. Most importantly for my usually really unstable mind is that I’ve learned that my thoughts are not the reality. We are parts of the universe that do not have enough senses to perceive the universe. Editor : Do you feel in your class that they enjoy and gain from yoga?
curlyogi : Yes. Because the basic principles of yoga asking questions that: “who you are and where you are”, there is a path for every person. Naturally different people will study on different paths to yoga, but yoga has developed with this understanding.

curlyogi-yoga-health Editor : Is yoga more mental or physical? What do you think?
I think, feeling of yoga is basically spiritual, which includes both. I think that is why many people who do yoga for all kinds of different reasons find their version of upliftment through it. Editor : What motivates you?
curlyogi : Sharing motivates me. I have website that I share my experiences during this way. I want it to be good for someone.


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