An interview with vegan athlete: Itır Uz

A new documentary claims that eating vegan may help improve your athletic performance. But what do the experts think? We had a chance to interview with vegan athlete Itır Uz about her vegan journey.  We thank her for pleasant conversation and wish success.

itir_uz_vegan_athlete Editor : Who is Itır Uz? Could you introduce yourself to us? 
Itır Uz : I’m 43 years old.  I’m in love with outdoor sports. I do orienteering, trekking,  mountaineering, running, cycling, swimming, yoga. I am also yoga coach , orienteering coach and triathlon coach. Editor : What would you say your greatest accomplishments are and why?
Itır Uz : I do not know how many medals&cups I have till now. Except a few orienteering races (and that was because I was stuck in one target) I finished all the races that I attended including ultra maratons (90k of  İznik for example) or sky races (Aladağlar -Erciyes -Tahtalı) with making degree. I had Cappadocia ultra (medium) trail  last year and came 2nd in age group with a very good time. I was 1st in general last year in Erciyes VK and 25K, both.  I had also two triathlon sprint races in my life and I was first in age group in both. Editor : You are well-known for being a vegan athlete.  When did you make the switch to veganism and why?
Justice! I am no superior than another animal. I refuse using them for anything. 

itir-uz-vegan-athlete Editor : Do you think veganism has helped your performance? If so, how?
Itır Uz : Yes sure. I wasn’t expecting that. Being in same performans would be ok for me. But after I became vegan my blood tests came better. My iron and hemoglabin rised. My durability has evolved. Editor : Do you take any supplements to ensure your vegan diet does not lack any necessary nutrients (i.e. omega-3, B-12, etc.)?
Itır Uz : Yes, I take B12 and magnesyum like every sports person should. But B12 is more critical for a vegan. So it is a must to take. In omnivore nutrion people take b12 from animals product which is enjected to animals. B-12 is a vitamin that comes from solid in fact. But in our time unfortunaly we can not have it in natural way. We have to wash what we eat. Editor : Has it been hard to maintain your vegan lifestyle as an athlete? 
Itır Uz : Any tips for someone wanting to do the same? No infact. If I go somewhere that it is hard to find food,  I carry some near me.

itir-uz-vegan-athlete Editor : What’s coming for you next?  Any goal or challenge you’d like to pursue next? 
Itır Uz : I’m traning for Erciyes Vertival km race and 25km in July and Aladağlar Sky trail which has 4500m elevation gain 52km long and 14 hours limits, in August if they are able to make those races (beacuse of the pandemi). I also want to attend half ironman race in September in Çeşme (Oceanlava). Editor : Anything else that you would like to add or say to our followers?
Itır Uz : Thanks for this nice talk. Do not afraid of being vegan. If you eat varius you became healtier and your performans rise.  Also you feel better baceuse of not giving any harm on other livings..

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