The PLace of Cosmic Energy in Holistic Health

The Place of Cosmic Energy in Holistic Health

The Place of Cosmic Energy in Holistic Health

Holistic health means that a person is healthy in a physical, mental and spiritual harmony. In other words, it is included in the holistic health term not only that we do not have a disease but also in feeling happy.
In addition to many factors such as the increasing pollution of the environment we live in today’s conditions, the fact that olur foods are pesticides and the tendency towards packaged food increases, the stressful business life that takes our longer time compared to the past affects us badly. Stress that perhaps affects us worst in these effects. Many studies now prove to us that the health of stressed, depressed people is more likely to deteriorate.
As a result, I think the interest in spirituel areas has increased in recent years. At a time when I started to question the reason for my holistic health and my own existence, Cosmic Energy. Cosmic word means universal as its meaning. It is thought that 400 years of knowledge about Cosmic Energy in India and Tibet, even Cosmic Energy channels have been known  to the Egytians for thousands of years. Cosmic Energy was popularized in Russia by Dr. Viladimir Alexandrovich Petrov. He learnd from Tibetan Shaman priests and started to practice. When Petrov saw the rapid effect of Cosmic Energy therapy on the healing of diseases, he opened the Cosmic Energy school in 1994 Cosmic Energy is an energy method cleasing, healing, protection and knowledge. It also the only energy system recognized by the World Health Organization.
The cosmic energy session is applied to the person that the healer adapted to the healing channels. During the session, the person’s aura, chakras, meridians and the energy fields of his organs are  studied and the whole body is provided to be healed. In this way, as you get rid of your physical discomfart that may exist or be in the future, you will be spiritually healed. Although it is very difficult to describe a system with such a wide range of applications, it is very easy to experience and see its effects.                   

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