Beauty Suitable For Fashion

Beauty Suitable For Fashion


Beauty… The serious problem of human, especially the female …

Today, with the influence of social media, we live in a time when everyone’s best smiles, their best-shot bodies (even with technical interventions) are exposed. On top of that, we have to keep up with periodic preferences called fashion. While women with skinny bodies are valuable at one time, the importance of having rather large hips is emphasized at another time. If you can not keep up with the period by losing weight, it’s no problem! Thanks to our developing technology, there is of course an aesthetic operation that will solve your problem.

Women are most affected by the changes in the perception of beauty. Since the past, the woman should always look beautiful in fashion, and if necessary, she had to pay for the sake of it.

In Venice in the 16th century, platform shoes called “Chopine”, which were 50 cm high, became popular. It was so hard to walk with these shoes that they could not go out without their servants.

16th century venetian chopine
Source: (wikipedia- access 15.06.2020)
Reconstruction of a 16th-century Venetian chopine.
On display at the Shoe Museum in Lausanne.

17th century Women in England had a very special formula for a pure white skin, lead and vinegar. Of course, beauty was important even though it caused irreversible damage.

elizabeth white skin lead vinegar

In the Victorian era, a shade of green called “Paris Green” gained importance among the nobility. This color has been used in many areas such as dresses, shoes, curtains and wall paints. Whatever you say now, the most important feature of the color was that it was poisonous. They faced many troubles, from wounds opened in the body to breathing problems, those who used this color at that time.

paris green


In the 1930s, the radioactive beauty brand Tho-Radia was launched. Radium-containing toothpaste and skin products are guaranteed to shine…


In 1936, Isabella Gilbert launched a product she patented, a dimple making machine. Women without dimples would no longer be upset, a little pain a little time, now you have dimple.


The “Lotus Foot” tradition, which is thought to have started 10th century in China, was officially banned in 1912, but one more period continued. The feet of little girls between the ages of 4-9 were firmly tied by folding the toes into the heel. The Lotus Footrest, which is accepted as an indicator of status and wealth, was spread to the general public later on. It seems that one of the last Lotus Foot women is still valid today: “My family did not force, but the feet of all the girls around me were tied, so I did it because I didn’t want to be excluded and be different.”

lotus foot

And of course, corsets that are still in use until today… Although its most common use is in the 19th century, its history is much older. Thin waist, women who have difficulty breathing and whose organs are stuck. Even deaths due to the use of corset.


Today, there are surgical operations that have become one of the daily activities of women. Jawline filling is the latest fashion. While the oval face was previously considered feminine and beautiful, now the chin is especially prominent. Until recently, while the small and raised nose was the dream of women, you need to straighten your raised nose today.

Although it does not seem as scary as the examples above, another community pressure is also present for women who are bleaching the hair. Especially in the early ages, the woman who refuses to take the hair dye in chemical doses at regular doses every month causes the society to be seen as neglected and careless. Even when you say naturalness, it is possible when you make daily makeup with trendy sports clothes. Let’s not forget that it is not time to dye, blow-dry hair, please.

One of the biggest industries in recent times is beauty. With the contributions of capitalism, people were taught to obsess their appearance. Individuals who define themselves according to the standards set by someone are created.

So how would you get your beauty?

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