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Bicycle passion combined with BB-BASE in Japan!

Bicycle passion combined with BB-BASE in Japan!

The Boso Bicycle Base (B.B.BASE), designed by the Japan Railway, provides smooth travel on a bicycle. This is more than a bike adventure! The tour train, which organizes daily excursions, is a favorite of cycling lovers in Japan.

Departure station: Ryogoku

The white colored direction signs and prepared ramps at the Ryogoku station are quite successful. Six wagons have a total capacity of 99 people. You don’t need to pack your bike in a carrying case or take it apart. Train-mounted racks and comfortable seating areas that you can fix and tie are just for cyclists. You are on the same way with your fellow travelers, where you can socialize and travel safely together. There is also plenty of storage space for your belongings.

The train floors are covered with textured rubber to keep cycling shoes from slipping. So you can move safely inside with your SPD shoes. Tables have suitable outlets for charging your mobile device, bike light or other devices. There’s even a multipurpose space designed for small gatherings or event briefings! This area is also useful for stretching your legs or chatting in a larger area. Locker rooms and bathrooms are definitely appreciated by cyclists, especially after the ride.

The exterior is simple but stylish… There are no mascots and the neutral gray color schemes are minimal but tasteful. The lack of built-in WiFi is disappointing but this is nothing new in Japan.

When you get off the train, a wonderful view awaits you. Blue sea and green hills … Chiba State is a suitable cycling destination. The climate is mild, the roads are smooth and well maintained.

Tour-cyclists know that the hardest part of a day trip is to return home. Especially it feels like a torment after a tough sports event. You don’t need to think about how to get back home after the tour you participated in. You can return to the station where you boarded without stress, by the same train.

You can reach the easternmost city of Choshi, using the Narita Line, which reaches the Uchibo Line along Tokyo Bay or the Sotobo Line along the Pacific coast, there are one-day round trip packages starting at 48 EUR. Other tour packages include hotel accommodation in different destinations. Congratulations to Japan…

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