8 year old recycling monster

8 Year Old Recycling Monster – Ryan Hickman

8 Year Old Recycling Monster Ryan Hickman

Little Ryan was committed to recycling and started his own company, turning it into a small business.

Ryan went to the rePlanet Recycling Center with his father in 2012 when he was 3 years old. The money he got for the few boxes and bottles they took gave him an idea. He would start an initiative for nature.

An 8-year-old boy named Ryan Hickman, who lives in California, USA, has been collecting waste for 4.5 years. By establishing a company called “Ryan’s Recycling Company”, he has earned 21 thousand dollars so far.

2 Million Bottles

He has contributed 2 million bottles and cans so far. Impressed that waste can make humans and animals sick, Ryan took it on a mission. Its purpose is to reuse cans and bottles to prevent them from reaching the ocean where it is harmful to the environment.

His first job was to give empty plastic bags to his neighbors. He asked them to throw away their recyclable garbage. Neighbors also encouraged their friends, family and colleagues to do this.

Ryan spends part of the week collecting and sorting incoming materials (aluminum cans as well as plastic and glass beverage bottles) and preparing them to take them to the center. His biggest assistant in this business is his father.

He was chosen as the youth ambassador of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. Ryan, who has about 50 customers, plans to spend the $ 21,000 he earns for university education.

Ryan became an international icon around the world as his story became popular in 2017. Ryan and Project3R ™ are leading beach cleaning events in their community. He travels internationally about the importance of it. Ryan and Project3R ™ were instrumental in launching school recycling programs around the world.

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