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Camping Tips For Beginners

Those who follow the campers in amazement every season think that the camp is always difficult and uncomfortable. Camping is indeed a difficult and troublesome job. But it is necessary to realize that pleasure is proportional to its difficulty. The most pleasant thing for those who adopt this life is to wake up in a beautiful landscape.

We have listed the tips that can guide you to those who have never had a camping experience.

camp campsite tent
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1 – Have your first camp with an experienced person

It is great to be in touch with nature and wake up in the landscape. But if you don’t even know how to light a campfire, you will have trouble. What is required in the camp, how to behave, what should be considered? Get a camp buddy who will teach them to you first. There is a lot to learn about where and how to set up your tent, how to cook, what to take with you and more. Then you can easily apply what you know on your own. Of course, your friend needs to accompany you to know something more or less.

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2 – Plan transportation to the campsite

How will you go to the campsite? If you are going with your vehicle, make sure you have all the maintenance done. Thus, you will not be in a difficult situation. If you are going to take a bus, etc., check that your backpack is suitable for the transportation conditions of the bus. If you have to walk a little, the lightness of your equipment becomes important. Make sure your campsite is marked on the map. So you don’t lose time by getting lost.

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3 – Always Check the Weather Conditions

Regional weather conditions may vary according to the seasons. When planning your camp time, you should also consider the weather conditions. You should follow the changes all day long. It is useful to look at the weather 3-4 times a day. You should also get equipment according to the weather conditions you will stay.

4 – Shopping List is Important

It is important for the camp to exchange food according to the number of people and the number of meals and to do this on a list. Personal needs can extend the list and increase the cost. If food is to be cooked and eaten all together, the size of the portions should also be taken into account. Some can eat 4 servings, while others can eat 2.

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5 – Get the basic materials

Tent; It should be selected according to the seasonal conditions you will stay.

Mat and sleeping bag; It isolates you and protects you from cold.

Head flashlight; necessary to see your front at the night. You will need it outside or inside the tent.

Fly repellent; flies are annoying everywhere.

The camp chair and the camp table can be added to the list according to how you provide transportation and where you camp.

6 – Never Leave Your Tent Zipper Open

Always keep the zipper of your tent closed. When you are away from your tent, you don’t know what’s going on inside. It’s the simplest way to protect yourself from flies and insects.

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7 – Eat Energizing Things

It increases your camping activities and outdoor energy needs. There must be something energetic in the shopping list you will make. 1-2 favourite biscuits, chocolates, etc. keep things with you. And of course, it can be healthy snacks or honey. Maybe marshmallows to cook over the fire.

8 – Wear clothes suitable for the environment

You can handle it with a thin cardigan in summer, but you may need to wear fleece in spring. Do not be fooled by the summer heat during the day, it may be cooler than you guessed in the evening. It is also an effective method to put your tracksuits into your long socks. Maybe its appearance can be very repulsive. But you will also be significantly protected from fly and insect bites.

If you are going to reach the camp with a walk or trekking at the same time, it is important to dress according to the season. Otherwise, you may be sick. Leave the clothes that are spiritual for you at home. Because it can get caught in a rock or bush and tear or get lost.

Anyone can camp. But treating nature with respect should be the priority. Leaving the campsite as you find it and respecting all living things should be the most important rule. Stay with nature, stay healthy.

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