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Mothers’ Examination With Online Training

Mothers’ Examination With Online Training

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao Tzu

Today, it is possible to reach training that serves many purposes such as improving yourself, gaining a new career or travelling to your self. Even with the pandemic process, which has marked our past lives, you can reach online training, the number of which has increased significantly, with your pyjamas, in the comfort of your home. Well, if a mother who wants to get these training is not able to find peace even in the toilet? Businesswoman or housewife makes no difference; Every time a woman is at home with the child, she works between the things to do about the house and the needs of the children. So, how will education be possible in this unavailable environment?
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How To Join Online Education At Home With Children?

“I don’t know if there is anything more important than raising a child in life,” says Prof. Dr Selçuk Şirin (Adult Children). I think the importance of your contribution to the existence of a person is an issue that does not even need to be discussed. That is why it is important to be conscious mothers and act by thinking.
He also mentions an African proverb in the same book: “A village is needed to raise a child.” Raising a child is a very important and laborious job that cannot belong only to the mother. Perhaps the most important step of being a conscious mother (which I understood a little late)
is that you don’t have to run this work alone. We need to be able to realize that the child needs father interest and the existence of a happy mother who has been able to exist. Those who constantly dedicate themselves to others will soon be exhausted and harm the most precious child.

“The only thing I will fight is the other me in me…”

Chess, Stefan Zweig
I’m a part-time working mother who didn’t give her child to kindergarten. As someone trying to create additional career opportunities in line with my dreams, the most difficult issue I have is time management. I am unlikely to leave the child for a long time and go to training. I do not have the chance to transfer the housework that is inconspicuous but takes a lot of time because it is done routinely. On top of that, we have a relationship with my son that we have roles in the style of koala and tree. 
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There are online trainings with increasing numbers and varieties in the pandemic process, although they existed before. I started by admitting that I no longer have an excuse to act. Since the teacher I was interested in is in another city, I first received the education I dreamed of online. Of course, this is not as easy as you might think.
“So how do I do it?” If you say; First of all, start by finding the one that will appeal to you in
the online education world and meet your needs or tastes. For example, you want to learn
yoga, the questions you need to answer in the first place are:
– Which type of yoga is right for me? (You should do some research.)
– Do I have an environment to do the type of yoga I want at home?
– What hours can I participate regularly?
– Is there any fee that fits my budget?
– Which institution or educator should I work with?
Once you find these answers, maybe you will give up practising yoga, or you will go to trainings and create a business space for yourself. You chose the training, you registered. The most important issue; Who will take care of the child? I got help from my mother for this. I reported the dates and times before I registered, I paid the fee after I accepted. I took care of the things my mother could not do before the training hours, such as taking it out to the park, so that there is no possibility of an incident happening on those issues. I talked about details such as things to do and sleeping hours without going into training. This is important, otherwise, your education will likely be constantly divided.
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Next is to create space for yourself. To do this, I spoke to my son a few days before I started training. I explained how the training I will receive, how many days and how long it will last. At that time, I explained that I could not answer his questions or game requests. I also elaborated that I would take my computer and close it in the bedroom and that nobody should open it before I open the door. I even allowed him to speak briefly to my trainer and other participants before the training started, in order to perceive the event. Thus, he embodied the event in his mind.
Another issue is to identify urgent work and needs. Anything that will cause your division, do it in advance to eliminate the possibilities! The week I was going to study, I took a break from “catching up to everything”. The house may stay a little dusty, and in the meantime, our stomaches can be filled with one kind of food…
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You Completed the Training Without Problem!

Is “getting started” half of the finish? Do not return to the old state you devote yourself to home and children. It is time to open up space in your life for yourself. Determine how you will adapt your education to your own life, how much time and what you need.

Do not be enchanted by online training and take new training one after another. Give the right to the education you have received first. If you like that area, see how you can proceed further. Instead of running from education to education while complaining about timelessness, proceed towards less but specialization.

Plan how much time you need to devote to the work you have to do. You don’t necessarily have to do this work with special notebooks or pens. You can roughly set yourself a certain hour every day and make adjustments according to the priority in the remaining time.

Feel free to ask for help. Determine from which day and time you can get which support. Don’t be buried in housework at that time

Realize the time you spend looking at the lives of others. Because the phones are always at hand and the lives on social media, we can spend time unconsciously. Take the phone for a purpose, not so. When you take it, look at the clock so that you have a chance to follow how long you linger.

Take the television out of your life. Keep in mind that you cannot reach your dreams by watching something on the screen every day. Limit the series or programs you want to follow and please follow the screen limitation first we put on children.

Conclusion: My point of view changed when I realized that it was the most harm to me that I was feeling sorry about what I could not achieve or what I experienced. Then I grasped; right now, this time frame is between my hands and I should evaluate it as best as I can. Yes, some of them are able to get more than you have, but you are still scratching. This is exactly the problem, to self-appreciate for others. The important thing is to know and accept yourself. In this way, you can see that there are opportunities that you have never realized before when you set out on a determined journey. After reading this article, do not leave yourself to the flow of life today. First, forgive yourself, accept and love you as you are.

One day comes,
The flowers bloom you say “they won’t open”,
The troubles will go away you say “they won’t pass” 
The time passes that you say “it won’t finish”,
Life is such a secret;
Thank goodness first,
Then patience,
Then you have to believe.


Translating: Elif Tavkaya

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