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Oh My God! We Will Buy a Stroller!

Oh My God! We Will Buy a Stroller!

You will have a new baby… It has not been born yet, but there is also a costly product at the top of the list of needs; “Stroller” If you don’t intend to buy a second hand from someone else then you will have to do a long search.

On the Internet, you can find thousands of websites with tips to consider when choosing a stroller. Unfortunately most of them are giving the same information. Usually, their main purpose is to guide you to a brand and model.

Of course, you want the best for your new born baby. What if the best doesn’t make you happy… Or if it’s not within your budget?

We can list the criteria that will guide you through this difficult selection process as follows:

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1- Don’t be addicted to the brand

Strollers are a sign of prestige for some parents. So it actually looks like an accessory they buy for themselves rather than their children. Besides, the more expensive the better the logic plays an active role in the choice of strollers. Of course, this is a completely personal preference… It seems unreasonable to pay three times more for a car that you will use for a specific period and has the same functions. For this reason, we recommend that you examine the products and ignore their brands for a while.

2- Why should we prefer cars with travel system?

In the travel system strollers, the carrier, called the baby carriage, which you must use for a while, is sold as included in the set. Most of them can be easily mounted on the stroller without the need for additional connection apparatus. In strollers without a travel system, you will probably need to purchase both the baby carriage and the connectors separately. In addition, since some models of this type cannot be folded while the connection apparatus is attached, it may be necessary to attach and detach these apparatus every time.

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3- Two-way use

Some cars have both directions. So your child can travel by looking at both you and the front. While this may seem useful at first, it’s actually a feature you can’t use much. As long as the child is in the mother’s arms, it should be facing you for safety reasons. The direction of the mother laps is already like this. In the 9+ month period when your child leaves his mother’s arms and starts to sit in the seat of his car, he will want to turn to the front and look around, even if you like otherwise. Therefore, dual use is not an indispensable feature. If there is this feature in the stroller you like, there is no harm. But this feature alone should not determine your choice.

4- It doesn’t have to be as solid as a tank

“Carries you even” slogans, sellers who step on the stroller and show its strength… Considering that you will use a car until your child weighs 20-25 kg, it is completely unnecessary to carry 70 kg. There are cars weighing more than 10 kg on the market. A car of this weight is too heavy, especially for mothers to fold and lift it into the trunk. In fact, the lighter it is, the more comfortable you will be.

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5- Do not think that we will buy a cane stroller in the future

You made a mistake and bought a heavy stroller. We can guarantee that you will switch to a simple and lightweight cane stroller in the future. The most important feature of walking stick strollers is that they are light and easy to fold. The reason it is called a cane is that the arms are independent of each other like two canes and the car is folded on the vertical axis. Our recommendation is to choose a travel system stroller with a cane stroller, that is, you should make an investment that you will most likely make in the future at the beginning of the road. Thanks to its travel system, the boom can be mounted on the cane stroller.

6- Choose cars with big wheels

It is a fact that small-wheeled strollers look more elegant than those with big wheels. Unfortunately, you will not always be driving on level ground. Your stylish small-wheeled car can let you down on stone, dirt, pavement, and pit. Therefore, the bigger the wheels, the more comfortable you will be.

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7- Advantage of being foldable with one hand

I think this is one of the most important features of a car. Because when you have a child or a bag in one hand, it will be a great advantage if your car can be opened and closed easily with the other hand.

8- There should be a lying angle suitable for sleeping

The lean angle of your car should be so steep that your child can easily watch around when not sleeping. At the same time, it should be adjusted to the horizontal position as much as it can be comfortable when sleeping. It is also important that this process can be done easily and with minimal disturbance to the child. Because the last thing you want is to wake up your child who has fallen asleep while the seat is in an upright position while trying to lie down.

buggy stroller
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9- The canopy size should be sufficient

It is an important feature that your car has a canopy large enough to protect your child from sun and wind. Canopies that can be closed completely and at different levels may be preferred at this point. Some cars are also gifted with a raincoat that covers the entire car. It may also not be necessary to buy it, but if you have it, you will not suffer. You should also have a fly screen that will protect you from flies and insects.

10- Lower basket size matters

When you go for a walk or go shopping, the carrier basket under the cart will be a place for your child and your belongings. For this reason, it would be beneficial not to prefer basketless or small basket cars.

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