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Rituals For Your Home In The New Year

Spiritually, physically, and even financially, many of us are leaving behind a very difficult and exhausting year. That’s why those who find 2021 a little anxious or hopeless are the majority. As we all prepare to welcome a brand new year, we began to search for ways to purify our home and soul before the new year. We have searched the rituals that will bring happiness and abundance to your home in the new year

home new year To admit uncertainty
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To Admit Uncertainty

Anxiety disorders brought about by uncertainty have affected our daily lives. In fact, there was always uncertainty. None of us knew what would happen next, and again we don’t know, but we can predict and act as if we are in control. The more we accept that it is normal to have uncertainty, the easier it will be for us to deal with surprises.

When entering 2021, maybe we should start from here; To distinguish well what we can control and what we cannot control. Instead of getting bogged down in the problem, it’s important to be able to see other opportunities, to explore possibilities.

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Movement Is A Must

Another ‘sine qua non’ suggestion for moving away from anxiety and despair is physical movement. You don’t necessarily need to go to gyms, you don’t necessarily need to have sports equipment; you just need to ask. As the body moves, the “fire” energy that comes from within makes us much stronger in every sense. The most important condition for staying healthy is “to act”

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Write What’s On Your Mind

What are you afraid of? What are you worried about? What about your concerns? List all of them on a piece of paper. Then read what you wrote. You will notice that there are not as big things as you raised in your mind. Write down not only the negativities, but also your successes and memories that make you happy. You will be happier when you stop comparing yourself with others.

breathing new year ritual home
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Breathing Exercises

Find simple exercises that you can do yourself every day. Breath is the most important fuel of humans. It is possible to fully open your breath, to organize, to restructure your mind as you wish. You can watch videos about these techniques and participate in training. Perhaps the change of ypur life is hidden in your breath.

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No Desperate Lives

Stay away from hopeless movies, bleak TV series, books that will upset you… Instead, watch success stories that will inspire you. Consider that there is an absolute solution. Don’t let problems get you into a well.

Write To Yourself

Write down what you expect during that year and what you will add to your life as if it came true. Just like a dream board. Be careful to always use positive sentences and smile when writing. Also, mail this letter to yourself to open and read at the end of 2021.

change new year home ritual items
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Get Rid Of The Excess Items In The House

It is good for everyone to dispose of excess items in the house. Take everything we don’t need and won’t be in the new year away from your home. The common feature of irregular houses is the items they cannot simplify. You can begin your simplification journey by eliminating your reasons and values ​​for why you are keeping an item and eliminating all the items you do not use.

Change The Layout Of The Items In The House

Every house has a layout, every item in the house has a dynamic and a place to which it belongs. In fact, most of us are entitled to our own peculiar order to find and remove an item from the piles of clothes in a few seconds that no one else can find all day long.

But it is also a fact that the more orderly and spacious our home is, the clearer and more comfortable our minds are. Create comfort areas that will make you comfortable. The spaciousness in the space and mind positively affects your energy. Moving things from time to time also invites abundance energy to the environment.

Incense, Vinegar And Natural Stones

Sage, daily, pega numinous incense changes the energy of your home. You can move the incense you burn in the rooms of your home, especially around the corners. Vinegar water is another option. You can add a few drops of “natural” vinegar to the water you use for household cleaning. Natural stones (amethyst, quartz, pyrite) and rock salt that you can use at the entrance of the house also regulate energy. Aloe veras on the windowsill cleanse both the herbs you can use for your skin and the green colors in the home. In addition, normal house cleaning will support the idea of ​​entering the new year clean.

A New Year, A New Me

New choices, new initiatives, many new possibilities… We must be open to the change that the emotion we really invite into our lives will create in us. How ready are we for the returns of our choices? What will our choice bring us? Discovering what is the source of motivation is valuable information.

Actually, awareness comes first… Being aware, observing, perceiving, watching without judgment and taking action.

thankful happiness new year rituals
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“I am greatful for…”

If you can be a little alone in the first minutes of the new year;

  • Hug yourself
  • Consider your intentions
  • Call out to your heart
  • Be thankful for everything you have

Give A Gift Yourself

Don’t forget to think about yourself while walking around to buy gifts for your loved ones. Make intention first. Imagine what you want by thinking about the year 2021 and release your feelings and thoughts to meet the object that is integrated with your wishes. So, without thinking about anything, walk around the souvenir shops, look at the shop windows, by the way, shop for your loved ones and when you come across an object that attracts you, buy it for yourself.

Imagine that the new year is very special for you. Don’t just think, believe it. Believe in yourself, in what you can do, in your strength.

happy new year
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Our Affirmation Suggestions:

  • I choose to live every day with awareness.
  • I choose to see and hear the opportunities and possibilities around me.
  • I choose to be aware of and take my own power.
  • I choose to be open to innovations and changes. I destroy and cancel all my perspectives, judgments and decisions that resist change.
  • I destroy all my definitions, judgments, perspectives, and decisions about “new” and cancel your creation.

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