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Problems Created By The Life Trends Of Modern Human I-FOOD and Environmental Problem

Problems Created By The Life Trends Of Modern Human I-FOOD and Environmental Problem

You got off work, no food at home. You are already working very hard who will spend time on cooking… You go to a grocery store before entering the house, you get frozen food, you make quickie. In fact, you will get chips and acidic beverages for the series / movie after dinner. In fact, even if ready food is practical, you do not want to enter the kitchen. Best of all, order and get it done. Oversized potatoes and beverage with oversized burgers. You are very hungry, add additional things. Let your eyes be full, no matter if they remain…

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Our choices make us who we are. It is an option to take care of our body and nature by cooking healty meals at home, as well as running to easy way and turning our body and world into garbage with the products we are ready for.

Studies reveal that 30% of the world’s population is overweight or obese. So we eat more than necessary and generally consume the bad ones. While some parts of the world are sick and even die from overeating, some are sick and die because they cannot find food. In total, 2 billion people in the world live below the limit of hunger and poverty. Those who eat excessively and badly pose a serious burden on the health system. On the one hand, the spending problems of those who eat too much and badly and the money allocated to the treatment… On the other hand, those who never have access to food…

We also have a problem that foods go to the trash. While there are so many hungry people, 1/3 of the food produced every year is going to waste. If you want to visualize the area where the wasted food is cultivated, you need to consider the surface area of ​​China; 9.6 million square kilometers.

So why are we eating so much? Is it the only reason to feed? Food connects us. Family members, who do not meet all day, gather at dinner, and friends who have not met for a long time include food in their meeting. Dining tables are among the sweetest places to have conversations. This is the sociological dimension. But I think the biggest reason (or problem) is psychological:

“The sense of emptiness” in today’s human. Whatever we do, we have more beautiful, richer, more travelers, smarter,… than us. We always feel incomplete by “creating and photographing” perfect moments. We also have stressful and busy business lives. Business life is more of a “life” than in old times. Of course, the power of advertising and social media is also undeniable. Food is everywhere, every moment we see encouraging promotions. The advertising industry is learning how to affect people scientifically with serious research and playing perception game.

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So What Can Be Done?

3 Michelen star Italian chef Massimo Botturo is the creator of a project that aims to draw attention to food waste and raise awareness for a sustainable life integrated with nature. Botturo and his team work with the soup houses to make healthy, delicious and eye-catching dishes from garbage. The official partner of the project “Food for Soul” is Grundig.

Grundig carries out studies within the scope of “Respect Food” in different countries of the world. In 2016, they started 4 soup kitchen projects and saved 25 tons of food from waste. Their goal is to reduce food waste.

Food waste is a serious threat to our future. The problem is not only that it can feed people who are starving with those foods (and this is the most important thing to me), in addition to it, the increase in greenhouse gas emissions with food waste. Food waste has become the biggest pollutant after the USA and China.

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We can also take measures for the food problem and environmental pollution individually, without waiting for others or governments to do something.

  • Collecting food waste in different garbage to prevent methane gas from rotten food. Even better, you can compost. The most simple form of compost is to make your food leftovers (uncooked, for example apple, watermelon rind, etc.) that will be used for agriculture or flower cultivation, feeding the structure of the soil.
  • Removing as little garbage as possible. By reducing the purchase of packaged products, we behave better both on our own body and our environment. Don’t forget that the plastic packaging of packaged products, along with the damage to the nature, also turns your body into garbage with additives. Since you have to buy it as a package, it is among the things you can do firstly prefer glass ones and recycle the glasses. (Not every packed product is bad. We are label literate and we should make it a habit to read labels carefully. If there are many other things written than the product we will buy on the label, do not get infected!)
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  • Getting little and good food. If you go to the market with your stomach full and with a list in your hand, you will not have to go through the shelves unnecessarily, you will only focus on your receivables. So you save money and time. 😊 By taking only as much as you need, you will reduce the chance of food spoiling without being used and prevent food waste.
  • Make sure that the food you throw away is really rubbish. Even knowing the difference between the expiration date and the recommended consumption date can make a significant difference in your life. While the expiry date shows the reliability of the last use of the food, the recommended consumption date does not constitute a problem in terms of human health. You can decide by looking at the color and smell of the food.
  • To teach our children to respect food. We can explain what good food is, why it is important to us, and the difficulty of their upbringing. By setting an example with our own lives, we can invest for the future of the world.

Hoping to consume less and healthier food …

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