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We had a chance to interview with Sebahat Gebecik about Energy Healing… Enjoy the interview as she describes what she does… Editor: Could you tell us about yourself?
I’m Sebahat Gebecik. For many years, I worked as a dealer in a corporate company. During this period, I received trainings on personal development and NLP techniques. While trying to steer my life with these trainings, I got out of the corporate business life and became more professionally involved in the field of unconscious energy. I have been doing subliminal therapy and energy field therapy for about 5 years. Editor: What is the subconscious? When does the subconscious begin to occur in our brains?
The subconscious is our emotional mind in which the person’s operating program is written. The subconscious begins to be written from the moment we form in our mother’s womb. It starts to be written effectively with the events and emotions we experience up to 10 years old. In this period when conscious awareness is not in effect, emotions especially between the ages of 0-10 become the beliefs of the person. and these Beliefs become our absolute truths. Editor: How is the relationship of subconscious and emotions formed?
The subconscious produces emotions and stores energetically in memory and throughout the body. Editor: How does the subconscious lead us?
The subconscious, which is result-oriented, creates experiences that it considers as absolute accuracy in its system. Thus, it proves to itself the accuracy of beliefs or feelings. And it keeps us at that frequency.

sebahat gebecik energy heal Editor:
Can we change our subconscious?
Yes … we can change the system of emotions and beliefs obtained from past experiences with different techniques. we can replace new beliefs and feelings. Editor: Do they want to hug you after therapy?
(She is laughing) With the energy flow that occurs as a result of the therapy of the clients, there is a positive flow between us with the feeling of relaxation. Of course, sometimes there are many moments that we support this with physical contact. Editor: What is the hardest part of the therapy?
Difficulty cannot be called, but some clients’ subconscious beliefs can be very rooted. the process can go a little slower in the efforts to transform such deep-rooted beliefs. Editor: Finally, is there anything you want to say to followers?
Our subconscious shapes our life. We have subconscious codes under our every emotion and behavior. SoI think you will see the benefit of subliminal work on your emotions and experiences that make your life flow that bothers you difficult. I recommend you to do this kind of work with the technique that suits you .. Let your love illuminate your way .. Embrace yourself with every situation you are ..

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