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What are lies of the cosmetic industry?

What are lies of the cosmetic industry?

Throughout human history, the concept of beauty has changed and women, in particular, have used various methods to be nice and appreciated. You can read a fascinating article about “Beauty Suitable For Fashion” on our website.

We are in a system that values us through our external image and charms. Our job or age, our social status, doesn’t even matter. Even in sessions of affirmation of body, self-love, and returning to insides, external appearance become more important. However, it is the purest place to be “ourselves”.

The cosmetic industry covers the sale of cosmetics, perfumes, skin and hair care, intimate washes, deodorants etc. Beauty salons and spas are considered the service industry of the beauty industry. Besides, some economists include health clubs, dental and oral care clinics and cosmetic surgery in their market definitions. What are the lies of the cosmetic industry? Are they trying to convince us? Let’s have a look at some lies that the cosmetic industry…

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1- Luxury brands are much better.

The products of the well-known companies are expensive due to their brand values, not the ingredients. Luxury brands usually use inexpensive materials such as petroleum jelly, glycerin and dimethicone, but they do not reflect their true quality with their elegant packaging, pleasant fragrance, etc. It is recommended to compare the content with one you will buy at a more affordable price.

2- Beauty ingredients are not harmful. They are produced for health and beauty.

Some components, such as formaldehyde and phthalates, are harmless when used in very low concentrations. But a study revealed that there are more than 800 harmful chemicals in cosmetics. The biggest concern is “paraben”!… It causes breast cancer and is known to disrupt reproductive hormones. On the other hand, it was found that the chemicals contained in the perfumes can cause nervous system disorders, breathing disorder and allergic reactions.

3- You should prefer natural/organic/green products to chemical products.

A natural product may have naturally derived ingredients. However, all components must be treated chemically. The word “natural” is a marketing strategy. USDA is an organic certification program for the products. However, a cosmetic company does not follow it to use the “organic or green” claim.

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4- “Only our product” provides a certain benefit and works better because it contains “Magic Ingredient”.

If there are no patents or documented trade secrets, all companies in the industry use the same technology. Of course, some companies do not disclose all components to the (hidden) consumer. In advertisements, they state that their products work better than anyone else. Thus, you will be willing to spend a higher price in the market. They may be using different marketing. You should think before you take this. You should definitely examine their evidence. For example, while recommending a single type for skincare products, everyone’s skin structure is different. (such as dry, combination and oily skin) For example, there are many options for anti-wrinkle cream. Some products can really work better. But it may not be compatible with my real skin. Therefore, it is necessary to research very well for the “magic ingredient” mentioned for our health.

5- We can be like beautiful models in magazines.

Editors are encouraged to write about the magazine’s sponsor or the paying brand. Makeup artists will mix 3-6 colour tone for a better view. In addition, lighting effects and photo filters are used. In this case, neither the lipstick in the catalogue nor the mascara in the model will have the same effect on you.

6- Cosmetic surgery can fix everything

Cosmetic surgery can be a solution to many problems. But it depends a little on your genetics. New technologies and procedures have become safer and more efficient, and recovery time has been shortened. Especially liposuction, dermal fillers and laser treatments are the most applied methods. Of course, cosmetic surgery makes you feel better. You can have a better view with reliable surgeons. Or you may lose your health and may have to undergo more surgery to recover.

As a result, we are actually as beautiful as we are all … We don’t need to be more beautiful. When we look in the mirror, it is most important to accept our whole body with its deficiencies and surpluses. A healthy body always shines. Stay healthy.

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