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A new sport: Hemsball

A new sport: Hemsball

Hemsball is an enjoyable and entertaining sport for all ages. A new sport that can be applied in indoor and outdoor areas. It is a combination of the letters H (Hand), E (Energy), M (Move), S (Stability) and the word BALL.

How to play?

The player sends the ball to the opponent area without hitting the ring, and if your opponent cannot catch the ball, the point is awarded. But basically it’s not that simple. Because you have a square zone that you need to balance and not get out of. You can only fit 2 feet in this area. Fortunately, you can stand with one foot 🙂

While playing, you need perfect hand-eye-foot coordination to be able to hold and serve the ball. It is also necessary to have high focus and concentration.

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Youth and Sports has decided to support it. The new sport, which was promoted at various festivals, won the appreciation of local and foreign participants and attracted great attention from the academic community.

The benefits of “Hemsball Sports Branch”, which was officially approved in July 2013, are supported by pilot zone implementations.

new sport Hemsball
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Benefits of Hemsball;

  1. It supports the psychomotor development of children.
  2. Provides the development of focus and concentration.
  3. Provides the development of balance.
  4. Provides mental coordination.
  5. Improves reflexes.
  6. Gives flexibility.
  7. It also provides solutions to problems of inactivity, obesity and stress.
  8. It supports other trainings. (Tennis, Badminton, Handball, Basketball etc.)
  9. Creates community awareness in family members, makes them love sports and unity.
  10. Supports elderly people’s healthy lives by increasing their physical activities.
  11. Reduces stress
  12. Helping disabled people’s physical activities.
  13. It helps children and young people stay away from bad habits and computer addiction.
  14. Due to the ease of playing, it allows every student to do sports by playing comfortably without the need for a gym or field.

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