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Recycling The Paper

Recycling The Paper

Recycling is a process we are only involved in at a certain stage. In this process, many stages that we do not know are taking place. Most municipalities accept different materials, so it is difficult to understand which materials are suitable for recycling. When we want to contribute to recycling, this confusion makes things difficult. For this reason, you can find information on paper recycling in this article.

Paper packaging, notebooks, books, newspapers, paper bags, cardboard parcels, paper wipes are paper waste. All unused paper types are paper waste. It is the easiest material to recycle. You first must collect enough for recycling it successfully. Remember, it must be dry and clean for recycling paper. After that, If there are staples in the papers, the staples are removed and the inks are cleared. Thus, the papers are ready for recycling. After cleaning, the papers are turned into pulp. According to the purpose of use, it is used like that or added to the wood fibre. Water and various chemicals are added and mixed. This mixture is sent to the machine and a layer is created. After it is dried and straightened, it is ready to use. To recycle the paper, all we have to do is throw the unused paper into the collecting unit.

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Some papers we are using cannot be recycled… for example Photo papers… Just as any paper contaminated with food or oil cannot be recycled, parchment paper cannot be recycled. But after using them many times, they are quite suitable for use in compost.

Coffee cups are covered with plastic, so they cannot be composted and cannot be recycled in most centres. Special recycled coffee cups are separated from plastic in special waste management facilities and included in the recycling. Since the lids are also plastic, they cannot be recycled as paper, but cardboard holders can be recycled

Usually, the bottoms of
pizza boxes are oily so they cannot be recycled. For this reason, it is necessary to separate the base and other parts while collecting for recycling. While the oily part is used in compost, other parts can be recycled. Paper napkins and towels’ fibres are very short, so they cannot participate in recycling, but we can compost. 

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Every one tone of waste paper saves 3000 litres of water and 3000 kWh of energy for recycling. 

Actually, Recycling means to fresh breath for the economy. That’s why we have to recycle the paper. Every minute 110.000 hectare green area disappears in World and the reason is us. We have to pay attention to nature. Everything is in our hands. 

Remember; While 60 kg of paper is made from 20 strips of wood, 120-130 kg of paper can be obtained from 150 kg of waste. A paper that we do not recycle; The disappearance of a tree that will take 20 years means its growth again. 

 Trees are not papers, don’t let papers be garbage!!! 

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