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Virtual Markets

Virtual Markets

With developing technology, people can now easily access everything. Thanks to smartphones, the pleasure of connecting to the internet whenever you want, wherever you want is offered to you, and our life has become easier thanks to various applications.

Among the applications that make our lives easier, the most useful ones were the online grocery shopping applications. The applications that bring the product you want to your home the moment you order without the need to go to the market, people save time.

The variety of products and discounts you can see on a single screen, brand comparisons bring virtual markets to the forefront. Private virtual markets, which have recently attracted attention with their sterile storage environment and fast service, continue to increase.

Virtual markets are the platforms preferred by the consumers by product groups such as books, clothing, accessories and electronic goods.

Considering the physical effort and time you put into the market, virtual markets are a reason to choose. However, the pleasure of grocery shopping perceived virtual market risk, and digital complexity drives everyone away from these platforms. Refund problems create problems, especially for the consumer.

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Before consumers buy food products such as vegetables and fruits, they need to see, touch and smell. Lack of opportunities to meet this need in virtual market applications can also have a negative effect.

During the pandemic period, most of the citizens showed great sensitivity to stay at home, and this is reflected in their consumption habits. In this period, many people who do not want to go out for grocery and similar needs use online markets. In this way, consumers meet their needs safely without being in crowded environments.

The intense interest shown by consumers to virtual market applications has sometimes put cargo and courier companies in a difficult situation. While the orders were delivered to the customer on the same day until last week, this period previously extended to the next day. In later times, it extends to 4-5 days.

While employees in some units are shifted to the e-commerce department, many new jobs are created. Virtual markets also make deliveries in a non-contact and hygienic environment in line with the environment brought by this period, and they also implement options such as free delivery to consumers over 65.

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